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Pride Fade Ally Extra Small

Pride Fade Ally Extra Small

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These pride-affirming toys are designed with community support in mind. 20% of each purchase goes back to the queer community in the form of donations to the Lavender Rights Project. Plus, you are supporting a 100% queer-owned shop!

The exact look of this fade may vary between pours, with some colors being more prominent than others. 

The dimensions of the Extra Small are:
Total length: 5.7"
Usable length: 5.2"
Diameter of first bump: 1.3"
Diameter below first bump: 1.0"
Diameter of second bump: 1.4"
Diameter just above base: 1.1"
Diameter of base: 2.2"

The Ally's base is designed to be harness compatible and anal safe. Soft and Extra Soft toys have bases poured in Firm to ensure this. Please be aware that there will be a small, visible line where the two pours meet at the top of the base, for Soft and Extra Soft toys. For more information about firmness, please see our firmness page.

As with all of our toys, the Ally is made of 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. Please see the FAQ for details on how to keep your toy good as new.

Colors are mixed by hand for each order and will vary in hue and intensity from the images you see here. Additionally, pour patterns vary significantly with each pour. We take pains to keep them reasonably consistent, but please expect your made to order toy to look different from the picture. This is not considered a flaw, but is a feature of these handcrafted items.

PS - we encourage you to check out the Lavender Rights Project and add them to your donation list if you can!

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Must-Know Information


100% body-safe platinum silicone

Cosmetic-grade mica pigments

Skin-safe silicone pigments

Discreet Shipping

  • All orders ship in unmarked packaging
  • Ship-from address says "TFT" on company name
  • Credit card line also says "TFT"
  • International customs forms list item as "silicone sculpture"

International Customers

ThemFriends is located in the United States. We love our international customers! However, please know that as an extremely small business we do not have the capacity to deal with customs fees or sales/VAT taxes local to our international customers. We will not collect these fees from you, nor will we be responsible for paying them if they are assessed in transit to you.

By making a purchase from ThemFriends for shipping outside the US, you accept the possibility that you may be responsible for paying customs fees and/or local taxes/VAT.