Who we are

Themfriends was created in 2019 by Enby Emily, who developed an interest in sex toy design after years of not finding right-sized gender free toys in the indie maker space. All of the skills needed to run this company - from 3D modeling and silicone molding, to website design and social media outreach - have been self-taught. All toys are designed, poured, packed, and delivered by this one-enby show.

What does ThemFriends mean?

Themfriend (or theyfriend) is a way of referring to your sweetie who is nonbinary.  It's both cute and affirming - what more could we want!

  • Inclusivity

    From color choices, to the way we describe our toys, to the size range we've chosen to produce, our aim is to create an inclusive atmosphere and offering for all genders, sexualities, and bodies.

  • Sex-Positivity

    We think safe, informed, consensual sex (whether with a partner or with yourself) is a basic human experience. We strive to create a joyful, exciting experience here, free from shame.

  • Indie Proud

    We believe in the power of tiny independent companies to bring thoughtfully-designed, safe, and beautiful toys to market in a way the big companies just can't. We are a proud ally of all the other indie toy companies out there doing great work.