Toy Care

What lube can I use with my toy?

You can use any water or oil based lube with your ThemFriends toy. Please avoid silicone lube, as it may cause the silicone toy to become gummy and degraded. (We tested!) If silicone lube is your only option, we recommend using a condom completely over the toy so that it doesn't come in contact with the lube, and wash it as soon as you can with soap and water.

How should I store my toy?

The two biggest dangers to platinum silicone toys are (1) sharp things and (2) contact with non-platinum silicone toys. We recommend storing your toy away from anything hard or sharp, and in a different container than any PVC, TPR, or non-platinum silicone toys you may have. Contact with these materials may degrade platinum silicone. We also recommend storing your toy wrapped in cloth, rather than something non-breathable like plastic, to help avoid the buildup of moisture or any residual bacteria that might be present.

My toy attracts dust. How can I avoid that?

Oh does silicone ever attract dust! Every silicone toy ever made has had this problem. If we find a way to avoid that, we'll let you know. For now the best advice we can give is that a quick rinse with regular tap water right before use should do the trick.

How do I clean my toy?

Simple hot soapy water is the best and easiest way to clean your toy after use. Specialized sex toy cleaning products do work and are considered safe, but they really are unnecessary since soap works just as well. Let the toy air dry fully before storing.

How do I sterilize my toy?

It's super easy! Just bring a clean kitchen pot full of tap water to a full rolling boil, then add your toy and wait ten minutes while the water continues boiling. Carefully remove the toy with tongs and let dry, or pour off the water and let the toy cool in the empty pot before picking it up. Your toy is now sterilized and ready to share (if you so choose).

How can I eliminate odors from my toy?

Silicone can pick up odors over time from bodies, lubes, and soaps used to clean it. Boiling your toy makes it sterile but doesn't always eliminate odors. If toy odor is bothering you, try a hydrogen peroxide soak. To do that, fully submerge the toy in a mixture of half warm tap water and half hydrogen peroxide from the drug store. Let it sit for an hour or two, then rinse.

If this gentle odor removing method fails, you can try baking it! Simply place the toy in a preheated 350 degree oven on a clean surface, such as a baking tray covered in foil or parchment, for 30 minutes. Allow the toy to cool thoroughly before handling. You may notice a slight darkening of the toy's color but it should not degrade in any way.