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Hand Crafted Silicone Sex Toys

ThemFriends is a small independent sex toy maker. We are 100% queer owned and operated, and we design and make every toy you see here by hand. We specialize in high quality platinum silicone, gorgeous colors, and a huge variety of sizes and firmnesses.

2024 Pride Sale

June 1-27, 15% off all MTO and Premade Pride themed toys!

Pride weekend, June 28-30, 20% off!

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Meet the Pal!

Our newest offering is a short and sweet little friend. At just 4.5" long, it offers just the length you need. Its super-gloss surface features a series of ripples sure to delight.

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Ultra-Smooth Girth Trainers

The Advocate is our girth trainer series. Starting off at just half an inch and maxing out at a full 3 inches of girth, this series will take you as far as you want to go.

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Vac U Lock Compatibility is here!

Fifteen of our models now support a cavity in the base that is compatible with all Vac U Lock attachments. Most bullet-style vibrators will also work with this feature as well.

Introducing the Buddy

The first member of our new family of hole-agnostic plugs has arrived! The Buddy Small is ergonomic, wearable, and available in four firmnesses with an extra firm base.

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New Rainbow Fade Coloration!

Now available in every model and size (with the exception of the Tinies) this six color fade is both gorgeous and versatile. Find it in the Pride collection.

And for the month of June, take 15% off all pride colorations with code HAPPYPRIDE23!

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A Sidekick dildo lying down facing the viewer, striped in Intersectional Pride rainbow colors (Rainbow plus black and brown)

Proud All Year Round

The Sidekick is available in six different pride flag colors and four different sizes, every single day of the year. Because we are who we are all the time, and so are you.

Choose from Intersectional Rainbow Pride, Bisexual Pride, Pansexual Pride, Asexual Pride, Nonbinary Pride, and Transgender Pride.

The Dual Density Experience

Sink into plushness with the Ally's Dual Density option. A generous layer of Soft or Extra Soft silicone surrounds this toy's firm core for a unique experience that is both targeted and cushioned.

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Your New Familiar

The Familiar is your newest creature-shaped friend. Wriggly on one end and hefty on the other, the Familiar now comes in three sizes. This tapering toy is suitable for size royalty, or for the royalty-curious!

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Three Sidekick dildos in Extra small, XXS, and XXXS, lined up and viewed from the front.

Your Perfect Fit

Girth matters when you're looking for a perfect fit, and we believe all bodies deserve a size that works for them. That's why we offer our tiny range of Sidekicks, with widths of 0.5, 0.75, and 1 inch. And we offer a discount if you want to try all three!

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Meet the Friends

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