Design Questions

What are these toys made of?

The silicone used in ThemFriends toys is 100% platinum-cure silicone, which is the category of silicone used in the medical industry. This silicone does not break down under normal conditions, does not exude any chemicals or odors, can be completely sterilized. Not all platinum silicone is certified body safe; however, we choose to only work with specific products that do have that certification. Colorants used are either mica-bonded pigments or silicone-carrier pigments intended for use in prosthetic applications. Glitter is colorless calcium sodium borosilicate, not plastic, which is more earth-friendly and will not poke through silicone and cut skin.

Do you offer suction cup or vibrating bases?

Currently we offer one simple base design. But expanding to more deluxe options is on our to-do list! Stay tuned.

Will you ever offer dual density choices in other models than the Ally?

Why yes! We plan to add dual density options for the Familiar and a few of the larger Sidekick models when we have some spare time for moldmaking.

Are you going to expand your model options?

Most certainly! Consider joining our newsletter to be notified about new offerings.

Are your toys anal safe?

Yes, each toy has a base with a wide, firm flange meant to keep the toy from being fully drawn into the anal cavity, and as such would generally be regarded as anal safe. When there are exceptions to this rule, it is called out in the product description - please read carefully!

That said, you are the only one who knows what your body is capable of. If you start to feel a toy is unsafe, please discontinue using it. We can't be responsible for any injuries that might happen during use.

Will my toy look like the one in the picture?

Each toy is hand poured and therefore will look a little different than the one pictured, particularly if it's a swirled toy. We use the same pour method every time, so it should look similar, just not identical.

Additionally, each color is hand-mixed in individual batches, so slight to moderate differences in hue and intensity do occur for each toy. This, combined with the fact that screens have a wide range of how they display colors, means that it's likely your toy will look a bit different in person than on screen.

Soft and Extra Soft single density toys have a firm base poured separately from the main body, so there will be a small visible line between those two pours. That line may not be visible in the pictures you see on the product page.

Dual density toys with a swirl pour have much softer, less defined swirls than single density toys, because of how the silicone moves when the firm core is inserted. This softer swirl pattern isn't visible in all photos, but you can see the comparison below.

Do you do customs?

Not at this time. We hope we've given you a broad enough range of options that you feel like you're getting a custom toy though! Also keep an eye out for periodic new color variations. To stay in the know about happenings at ThemFriends, sign up for our newsletter. We never sell your information and we promise not to spam you!