• Three Sidekick dildos in Extra small, XXS, and XXXS, lined up and viewed from the front.

    Solid Matte with Sparkle

    Just the basics.

  • Marbled Matte

    Translucent and opaque interplay

  • Two-Color Mica Marble

    Silver or gold mica in the toy tip, marbled into the body mica color.

  • Top view of a row of Sidekick dildos, each poured in a different Pride flag striped color.

    Pride Flag Blocks

    Mica colors poured in sections to look like pride flags.

  • Pride Flag Fades

    Mica pride flag colors poured in a continuous fade.

  • One of a Kind

    Dealer's choice!

Solid Matte

Simple matte colors with a little added sparkle. Available on all toys, but the only option on small toys or those with a narrow neck.

  • Sparkle Navy

  • Sparkle Green

  • Sparkle Black

  • Sparkle Red

  • Sparkle Sky

  • Sparkle Purple

Marbled Matte

Matte colors with a bit of contrasting matte marbled in.

  • Forest Snow

    Dark translucent green with opaque white marbled through

  • Ocean Foam

    Dark translucent blue with opaque white marbled through

  • Milky Way

    Opaque black with opaque white marbled through

  • Raspberry Cream

    Translucent bright lavender-pink with opaque white marbled through

  • Key Lime

    Translucent bright green with opaque white marbled through

  • Blueberry Cream

    Translucent sky blue with opaque white marbed through

Mica Marble

Mica colors lend a depth and shimmer to your toy, and marbling techniques create a beautiful feathered fade.

  • Fire Red

  • Fire Light Green

  • Fire Dark Green

  • Fire Turquoise

  • Fire Dark Bue

  • Fire Lavender

  • Fire Dark Purple

  • Fire Black

  • Ice Light Green

  • Ice Turquoise

  • Ice Lavender

  • Ice Black

Basic Pride Flag

Shimmery mica poured in defined sections, with a wavy border between each.

  • Intersectional Rainbow

  • Trans Pride

  • Bi Pride

  • Pan Pride

  • Nonbinary Pride

  • Ace Pride

Pride Flag Fade

Pride flag mica colors that fade smoothly into each other. May show some subtle ribboning depending on the softness of silicone chosen.

  • Rainbow Pride

  • Trans Pride

  • Pan Pride

  • Bi Pride

One of a Kind

Maker's playground! These one of a kind pours from our inventory drops are now available in the Made to Order section.

  • Summer Day

    Three color mica fade of yellow, green, and blue.

  • Sorbet Sunrise

    Three color mica fade of yellow, orange, and deep pink.

  • Spring Tulip

    Deep pink mica marbled into spring green.