Top view of the Sidekick Small, a dildo with a smooth cylinder shaped body, and a fingertip-shaped tip, and a pronounced cliff shape where they meet. Color is rainbow striped with additional black and brown stripes at tip.
Side view of the Sidekick Small.
Three quarters view of the Sidekick Small.
Front View of the Sidekick Small.
Back view of the Sidekick Small.
Side view of the Sidekick Small next to a standard soda can, showing that the dildo is a little taller and a little more than half of the width of the can.
Diagram showing the dimensions of the Sidekick Small as described in the product description.
Diagram showing the seven Sidekick models lined up left to right smallest to largest, and the Small in the middle position.
Sidekick with Asexual Pride flag striping: black, grey, white, and dark purple from top to bottom.
Sidekick with Transgender Pride flag striping: blue, pink, white, pink, and blue from top to bottom.
Sidekick with Bisexual Pride flag striping: pink, lavender, and blue from top to bottom.
Sidekick with Pansexual Pride flag striping: dark pink, yellow, and blue from top to bottom.
Sidekick with Nonbinary Pride flag striping: yellow, white, dark purple, and black from top to bottom.

PRIDE Sidekick Small

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These pride-affirming toys are designed with community support in mind. 20% of each purchase goes back to the queer community in the form of donations to the Lavender Rights Project. Plus, you are supporting a 100% queer-owned shop!

Choose from one of six flag patterns: Intersectional Pride, Transgender, Nonbinary, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Asexual.

The dimensions of the Small are:

Total length: 6.4"
Useable length: 5.9"
Diameter at widest part of tip: 1.3"
Diameter below ridge: 1.2"
Diameter just above base: 1.6"
Diameter of base: 2.7"

The Sidekick's base is designed to be harness compatible and anal safe. As with all of our toys, the Sidekick is made of 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. Please see the FAQ for details on how to keep your toy good as new.

PS - we encourage you to check out the Lavender Rights Project and add them to your donation list if you can!

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