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Pal Small - Midnight Collection

Pal Small - Midnight Collection

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This stubby little friend clocks in at 4.5" long, designed for those who can't use or don't want the length of standard toys. Its super-gloss surface features a series of ripples sure to delight.

This solid black pour is part of our new, more inexpensive Midnight Collection. Pay less for a stripped-down, less colorful version, while still retaining all of the customization benefits!

Diameter of tip: 1.2"
Diameter at widest point: 1.7"
Diameter at bottom: 1.6"
Diameter of base: 2.5"
Useable length: 4.5"
Total length: 5.0"

The Pal's base is designed to be harness compatible and anal safe. Base will be poured in Medium firmness if Soft or Extra Soft are selected for the body. As with all of our toys, the Pal is made of 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. Please see the FAQ for details on how to keep your toy good as new.

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100% body-safe platinum silicone

Cosmetic-grade mica pigments

Skin-safe silicone pigments

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